Soccer Land Park


It is a program that offers the opportunity to learn the sport of soccer as a team, where they will learn: Work with the ball, passing, coordination of both legs, teamwork and much more!
The Academy is available at the Doral and Opalocka complexes.

The academy is designed for boys and girls from 18 months. It is divided into levels that will work with the support of sports coaches and teachers. They will provide pedagogical tools for teaching and training.

Our philosophy is to improve the growth conditions of young children through soccer by creating a fun, exciting, and nurturing environment, we can develop life skills in children such as teamwork, healthy living, and responsibility.

We consider that training and practicing is the key to making a successful soccer player and team by acquiring a ‘winning mentality’, especially to encourage young players to play the right way and not just to play with their opponent’s weakness.

We have highly trained coaches to work with the children. We also have teachers who provide pedagogical support in each area, to ensure that from the smallest to be independent, evolve in the physical, tactical and technical aspects that lead to each group according to their level.

Be part of our recreational soccer program